Children's Division

Mommy and Me
1 class per week

Creative for 3’s and 4’s
1 class per week

Pre-Ballet 1, age 5
1 class per week

Pre-Ballet 2, age 6
1 class per week

Ballet 1, ages 7
1 class per week

Ballet 1x, ages 7-8
1 class per week

Student Division

Ballet 2, ages 8-9
1 class per week

Ballet 2x, ages 9-10
1 or 2 classes per week

Ballet 3, ages 10-11
2 or 3 classes per week

Ballet 3X, ages 11-12
2 or 3 classes per week

Ballet 4, ages 12-14
3 or more classes per week

Ballet 4x, ages 14-16
3 or more classes per week

Ballet 5 and 6
4 or more classes per week

Open Division (ages 14 to Adult)


Mommy and Me
Ages 2-3, with parent or guardian (1 class per week)
This new program offers toddlers the opportunity to have fun while exploring movement and rhythm, and developing focus and coordination.

Creative for 3’s & 4
introduces young children to their bodies through creativity and play. Students will explore body movement and expression using music, props, games, and improvisation preparing them to enter Pre-Ballet.

Pre-Ballet 1 and Pre-Ballet 2
Combine elements of creative movement, body awareness and rhythmic exercises using games, visualization, props, stories, and improvisation, all in a ballet context.

Ballet 1
Begins formalized ballet training while retaining creative elements from the Pre-Ballet levels.

Ballet 2-6
Students learn all of the primary exercises and steps in these levels. Extra concentration is placed on flexibility, body alignment, and terminology as well as dance history. Special emphasis is also placed on strengthening the students for pointe work. Ballet 3 is the introductory level for pointe work as the students gain strength. Students also learn to integrate head, arm, and leg movements. In Levels 5 and 6, the emphasis is on detail and quality of movement, concentrating on developing each student’s individual artistry as well as addressing any weaknesses. Placement at these levels is based on previous training, strength, natural ability, and age.

Starts with the assumption that the student has no previous ballet experience. Within six months to a year, most students will be prepared to start the Beginning/Intermediate course, in which steps are assembled to create combinations in a more challenging format.

Gives students the opportunity to perform more challenging combinations as they work on artistry and stamina.