Why do we need your support?

Did you know that Huntsville Ballet School is a not-for-profit organization, and tuition only covers about 80% of our day-to-day operating costs.

We depend on the generosity of our school family and our community, to fill the gap and allow us to continue to bring the highest quality dance education to North Alabama. The majority of our support comes from individuals, and our coporate support make up about 20%. Of course, monetary donations are not only way to support our dancers.

How can you help?

  • Make a one time gift with a check or credit card
  • Give an in-kind gift.
  • Sponsor a dancer or performance
  • Give of your time, volunteer
  • Buy tickets
  • Give tickets as a gift
  • Buy advertising in our programs
  • Sponsor a quarterly newsletter

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In-kind Gifts

These are items we need in the studio. Remember they are tax deductable!

Sound equipment for studio 1-3
New blinds for studios
Ballet DvD's
Boom boxes or
iPod docking stations
DVD player
Office chairs
Gardening skills to make front nice and to mantain it.